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Why I am Qualified to Write a Blog by Jodie

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I have a computer.  I paid $3.13 for a domain name (Susan, will you please pay me your half of that start-up cost?).  I have lots of insightful, deep things to share with the world such as the dream I had last night about me riding a bicycle that had wheels made out of popsicles through a place that I suspect was Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  Of course, the wheels melted and broke apart and I was only halfway to where I was going.  I am going to share these dreams with the world.

One thought on “Why I am Qualified to Write a Blog by Jodie

  1. Oh my gosh! Can you believe the irony in this. You dreamt of bicycle riding and then we RODE bicycles, and you only peddled about half the time – “halfway there” I didn’t even know about this dream until right now. AFTER I talked you into riding bikes – the ride that you had foreseen in your DREAM!! I am sure the popsicles and persimmons were somehow linked, and the fact that I couldn’t predict the kind of winter we will be having because the damn persimmon seed broke apart the wrong way, and you had licked all over the other ones, and we didn’t have anymore persimmons to eat, or seeds.
    This blog tells the future! Quick – who’s going to be the first advertiser to take advantage of this valuable web cash machine!
    Jodie, how are we going to make money with this thing again?

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