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Bike Riding with Susan

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Susan invited me on a bike ride yesterday.  She said it would take one hour.  Well, she didn’t count on going with me.  She said it was a vacation bike ride on a country lane, making it sound appealing, but she didn’t say it was a vacation in the Alps, riding bikes up and down the Matterhorn.  She took off and I was huffing and puffing behind her like I smoke two packs a day or something.

We kept getting chased by dogs, with one really aggressive three-legged dog leading the charge.  So I got a big stick that I used like a medieval weapon and made me even more unsteady on her fancy bike because for one thing I didn’t know how to change gears going up and down the huge hills.  She pointed out all kinds of beautiful scenery, but I couldn’t notice because I was dizzy from lack of oxygen and exhaustion.

A ride that normally takes her 45 minutes ended up being two hours.  She wants to go again today.  I told her I’m busy.


One thought on “Bike Riding with Susan

  1. If you would show me how to actually blog on here Jodie, since my name is in the title of this blog, or website or billboard or whatever this is – I could stop leaving comments and actually “blog”. Someone here appears to be a blog hog, or blog snob, or something like that. I also feel like I am not getting accurate representation.
    The bike ride was glorious! I have had my tie dye spandex on all day waiting for you to show up so we could ride again. You never told me you were busy. I had to read it here, blinking away my tears of dissapoitment.
    Almost all the information in Jodie’s post is correct. The dogs were scary. One had three legs. Jodie carried a joisting stick, we ate persimmons and made friends with some talkative farmers. (why couldn’t that one even say hello to two perfectly harmless, you’d lost the stick by then, women on bikes!)
    Anyway, let’s ride again soon. Let’s get matching spandex. Let’s carry mace and use it like it’s a can of silly string macing every dog, cow, squirrel and farmer that comes into our vision. You will learn how to shift, or better yet, don’t learn and I can just keep yelling numbers at you.
    I love you with all my heart! This blog will become a public place were I can express my undying love and admiration for you daily. Or until you stop “approving” my comments since you are clearly the boss of this domain and I, the scullery blogger.

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