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I Spent All Day Yesterday Thinking I Should Go Outside

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Yesterday’s weather was an autumn sparkler, leaves falling, sunny and warm, everything reflecting the special glory of looking beautiful before it dies off for the winter, a last little scream against the inevitable, tricking me into thinking I had plenty of time to get out there and enjoy the day.  The morning was cool, but the afternoon was very warm on my pale skin when I shuffled out there aimlessly before coming back in.  I fooled around in the house, reading, loafing, piddling around with some sewing I am doing, making feeble attempts at straightening up the constant messes that appear from the hole in the universe (where our socks usually go instead, which I think I have narrowed down to starting somewhere in the curled-up edges of fitted sheets in our closets because I have found plenty of socks there, just on the cusp of being sucked into the void).  I had almost made up my mind to go when a cloud came up over the sun making it just a little too cool just to sit out.  By evening a cold, late Fall rain had come up and today is dull and cold, not making going outside appealing at all.

I suppose this is the lesson of the ant and grasshopper, only I can’t ever remember who was the good one and who was the lazy one.


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