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Rotate Your Stock

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I had another of my genius get-rich-quick schemes and I roped my friend Heather into making 2000-plus momos with me and forced WD (husband who shall be henceforth known on the blog as WD) to help all weekend to make all these dumplings because I was sure they would sell like crazy and we’d walk away with a couple of cool thousand dollar bills in our pockets.  After slaving for literally hours until the skin on my thumb and first finger was sore from touching so much dough (flour, not cash) over and over, we stashed the product in Susan’s freezer between shifts at the festival, then we walked away with literally less money than the booth rent.  Heather was cool with that and still has like 1500 momos in her freezer.  The whole point is that the stock is starting to get old and needs to be eaten up, so, hey, Heather, how about coming across with the goods?  I’m just asking.

Your friend in dumplings,


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