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I Convince Mitt Romney that Tax Rates Should Be Higher

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Yeah, I know.  It’s pretty great.  This is how I did it.  I dreamed that an old friend and I were at her trailer and we fixed a lot of good Kentucky food, including barbeque, which we served to Mitt Romney, then I told him some hard-hitting facts like that in FDR’s time the superrich had to pay a 98% tax rate and that’s what made the 50’s and 60’s so great for the average person-that some people didn’t have extreme wealth while others had so little.  Then I said, “If you had grown up here in this trailer, would you be where you are today?”  So, what with the great food and clever arguments, he saw that I was right.  I felt pretty good about it all.

Then I dreamed about this gothic church and how I couldn’t wait to go see A Christmas Carol performed there.  Not sure how that fits into the overall scheme of things, but I guess I am just looking ahead.  Told you I was going to share my dreams with the world-they are so totally worthwhile.


One thought on “I Convince Mitt Romney that Tax Rates Should Be Higher

  1. Jodie, your dreams are more productive than mine. My last dream that I remember, I was in labor. My dreams never relate to current events. Does this mean that I am not thinking enough about current events??

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