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Forcing Kids to Trick-or-Treat: Always a Good Idea

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I had a bunch of thirteen-year-olds here tonight and with my magical adult powers (yelling and bullying), forced them to go trick-or-treating for what may be for their last time.  They are a sort of blob, so all I had to do was start pointing and pushing (magically) and set the blob going and it took on momentum on its own, rolling out the door and destroying everything in its young teenage path.  So, I was pleased when they came back with a good haul overall for very little effort.  I am big supporter of Halloween because when do families get out in the neighborhoods and beg for stuff from the neighbors any other time in the year?  I don’t care if someone drives up in their truck, throws out a cigarette, then comes up to the door and says “trick-or-treat,” I will give them candy because I BELIEVE in Halloween.  And I believe in forcing kids to go one last time before the magic is gone.

The only thing I don’t believe in is bringing an extra bucket or two for “your little brother who won’t get out of the car.”  Like I’m going to fall for that old routine.  Ok, but here’s some candy just in case.


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