Fried Chicken & Lentils

Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan

Oh, no. Not Another Bike Ride.


Susan and two other friends are taking me on that same “fun” bike ride in a minute.  Should be something. I guess.


5 thoughts on “Oh, no. Not Another Bike Ride.

  1. And it WAS something. Something magical maybe? Something bonding? Fun? Vigorous? Memorable? Cold?
    At least it ended with a photo shoot?

  2. It turned out good because look how happy I am!

  3. Dear Admin,
    Where’ the picture of my leaf angel?

  4. I also noticed I was slowest going up the hills and fastest going down. Why is that?

  5. You all are so tough! Looks like fun. I wheel my office chair around the studio, take compost to the chickens and grind the coffee by hand on the days M wants a break. That is my only physical activity these days.

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