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You’re Cool, You’re Awesome, and You May Have Some Problems With Your Joints

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I love taking walks around the neighborhood with my next-door neighbor.  We stroll around and talk about just about everything in life from religion, family, politics to movies and recipes-everything!  Well, a couple weeks ago we took off walking when she turned suddenly to me and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Jodie, you’re hip,” Steph said.

I was knocked out by her kindness for minute, thinking how nice it was for her to notice how “with it” I am.  I didn’t think I was that into what’s cool nowadays, but maybe I was more up-to-date than I realized.  I was planning some return compliment about how great she was when I realized she’d actually said, “Jodie, your hip.”  As in, “It is popping so loud.  Can’t you hear it?”

Susan is always telling me on walks that my hip pops, but I can’t hear it from the outside of my ears, but I can feel it on the inside of my body sort of in my eardrums.  It’s weird because I don’t even notice it and it sounds so loud to other people, but I am used to it and it never bothers me.  Until today.  I went to Indian Fort and was creaking and groaning around going up the hill and then I knew.  There IS something wrong with my hip.  It hurts.

Is this the new forty that’s always being talked about?  I think people are trying to tell me how in-the-know I am, but they’re really telling me that I sound like firecrackers when I take a step?  What was the old forty?  Maybe I will discuss it with Stephanie on our next walk if she can hear me over the sound of my hip.


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