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A Christmas Drive-by for Your Too-Early for Christmas Pleasure

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A couple Christmases ago, WD backed over my dad’s mailbox while we were visiting and we were in a hurry to get to some other Christmas event, so we just left it laying (correct verb in my dialect, sorry) on the ground and drove off like evil anti-Santas. Merry Christmas, sucker!

I was feeling guilty later so I called him to check if he saw it.  Someone else had dropped by and brought him a tiny Christmas tree they left on his porch.  Dad hadn’t noticed the mailbox and I didn’t know about the tree, so the conversation went like this.

Me: Well, dad, did you see what we left for you?

Dad (sort of happy):  Yeah, I did.

Me:  What did you do about it?

Dad:  I brought it on inside.

Me (incredulous):  What’dya do that for?

Dad (confused):  I just thought I should.

At this point, the conversation started to break down because even though dad has some pretty crazy ideas, I couldn’t fathom why he would be carrying a broken mailbox into the house.  We got it sorted out after that; dad got a new mailbox which still stands to this day and a little fiber optic Christmas tree (starting to get dusty) that he puts out every year.

I guess I am feeling Christmas-y because the dumb radio station started playing full-time Christmas music three days after Halloween.  Watch your mailboxes, my friends!

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