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Well, Jodie is writing about five posts to my every one. I want to get just as rich and famous as she does, but I already owe so much money to her and our “admin” that I will probably never recover. Especially if I have to split the earnings 78/22. I guess I better get to blogging.

So the past few days have been full of out of town visitors (my mother in law), birthday parties (a swanky party that Jodie hosted for my birthday!) and some puke. In no particular order, except I guess that is the order that these things happened…

Three days a week I watch three little girls. This has worked out well, as I really do enjoy the company of kids under the age of 6 (they think I am funny and can do anything!) and our little son has some young playmates. Well, yesterday one of those little girls threw up while she was napping in one of our bedrooms. It was somewhat traumatic for everyone involved, but really it was a fairly easy puke to deal with on the puke scale. It did bring back memories of one night, maybe six years ago, that wasn’t quite so benign…

It was an election night, local elections only, but still my politically obsessed husband was glued to the trickling in results. He and his friend were happily watching away in our family room. I was in the bedroom with my then 5 year old daughter. She hadn’t eaten much dinner and seemed a little out of sorts. I snuggled her in bed until she was asleep and then started to tip toe out of her bedroom. Maybe I stood up too quickly, or maybe the room was spinning a little and I was feeling a tad bit queasy. About the time I realized that I was feeling a tad bit queasy my then 7 year old daughter called from her bedroom, that undeniable call that all mothers recognize and dread. I rushed to her room to find her vomiting over the side of her bed. I grabbed her and made a bee line for the bathroom as puke flew from her mouth hitting every surface along the way. As I tried to asses the damage and calm my seven year old, my other daughter called out from her bedroom, and sure enough, was also throwing up. Now there were dual puke paths leading from the bedrooms to the bathroom. About this time my husband heard the commotion and decided to brave the other end of the house. He arrived just in time to allow me to run to the other bathroom and well…you get the picture.

It was a long night. My husband’s friend quickly excused himself with the salutation of “I think that new governor is going to be just what this state needs, thanks for the beer, uh yeah, gotta run!”

My dear sweet loving husband said, “don’t worry, I will work on the clean up”. He did. He found some towels and preserved the vomit by covering it. The towels hardened during the night and formed sort of a trompe l’oeil effect. In the morning they looked like towels, that you could reach down and use to scoop up the underlying debris, but upon the touch the might have been made out of cow hide, all leathery and stiff.

We gathered these towel boards and my husband tossed them into the back yard. It seemed like a good idea since the washing machine was filled with the sheets and jammies from the previous nights events.

The towel boards soon became grass killers. They formed interesting shapes of dead patches of grass in our backyard. Then they were eventually tossed into the outside garbage can. They had gone through some sort of towel metamorphosis and had become a totally different being. A towel miracle if you would.

So there you have it. I am sure I am not the only person out there with some fun vomit stories! I would love to hear yours.


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