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I Was Just On the Radio (Maybe)

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I got to ask a question on America’s Test Kitchen radio show and I was trying to ask if I could make a plug for, but the person thought I was asking could I put America’s Test Kitchen on my blog.  I was so nervous I just let it go and asked about my beans splitting, but (I was so nervous) I couldn’t really listen to the reply except it has something to do with salt, vinegar, ovens, and a bunch of stuff I don’t know.  Then the host called me Rachel and said “Thanks for calling and goodbye.”

This is where I’ll be (maybe)  if you ever want to hear my unfunny voice asking a question nervously and sort of being weird and rude (from nervousness).
Sorry I let you down, Susan.  Maybe I can re-ask my bean question on some other show, like Car Talk or some news show on Fox or something.


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