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The Great Christmas Question

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I went to the drugstore last night to get a movie and buy some snacks.  Our thirteen-year-old daughters came with me and to our delight, we discovered it is already Christmas on our commercial landscape, which I knew mentally, but needed to be reinforced by touching all the items in the aisles.  There were chocolates shaped like strawberries, guitar ornaments that played Elvis and Johnny Cash songs, Snoopy or Princess record player ornaments, necklaces with working Christmas lights, snow globes, angels with glitter, shorts that noted the wearer was 50% naughty and 50% nice, stockings shaped like cowboy boots or with camo, and everything pretty much played music or lighted up or at least had some fake snow or glitter in it.  Needless to say, it was all beautiful beyond description.

Susan showed up with her four-year-old son and he also felt the same awe and respect that we felt in this church of consumerism.  As we shared our wonderful finds, his question, which, I think, has become the greatest question of our age, was “Mom, what can I buy?”  I was pretty proud of that boy and can only add my own answer, “Everything, once it starts to go on sale in a few weeks.”


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