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The Subtle Benefits of Allergies

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I was having a wild old time yesterday night by cleaning out my hall closet!  Yee-haw!  It got pretty crazy, let me tell you.  For one thing, I started sneezing like crazy and my nose was running big time.


This morning, I got a hair of the dog that bit me from my wild Saturday night by going to Quaker Meeting. I must be allergic to Quaker Meeting, too, because my allergies started up again full blast.  If you don’t know, it is quiet in a Quaker Meeting because there’s no preacher usually, so I was sniffling and snorting and sneezing, honking and blowing my nose, getting up for tissues, and generally interrupting any type of religious experience anyone else was trying to have, but I had hoped that I was keeping it under wraps by being, for the most part, very discreet.

After the quiet time, during the part where you greet your neighbors, it became apparent that others had noticed my allergy attack because nobody would shake my hand.  Someone said “hi” tentatively while leaning away and another person went so far as to offer me a fist bump, so only my contaminated knuckles would come in contact with their skin.  I mentioned in my last post that I don’t like touching people, anyway, so at least I have come away with a new idea for repelling people if I need to.  Bring on the Kleenex!  Halleleujah!

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