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Kentucky Secessionists


Unfortunately, somebody got their panties in a wad after the election and decided they just couldn’t stand the outcome, so they started a petition to secede from the union and 5000 people signed it, although not all of them are from Kentucky.

At first, I was sad about that because, well, for obvious reasons, plus I thought it made the other 5.999 million (or whatever the number is-I can’t do math!) look like fruitcakes, too.  But those petitions were circulating in something like 15-20 other states, even swing states like Ohio so I guess the crazy is fairly distributed all around, like in most other places.

Then I decided maybe we could let them go.  Those five thousand (if it is even the right number) could have all the reclaimed mountaintop removal coal mine sites they wanted and could just go to it, building their own little republic on those barren moonscapes.  But they will need to apply for visas to get back in our country.


2 thoughts on “Kentucky Secessionists

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  2. Guys, you’re right. I should not have said fruitcakes. I should have said that special holiday cake filled with fruit and nuts.

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