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The Meanest Gas Station In The World

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Kentucky is supposed to be so, so friendly, isn’t it, because we’re a southern state?  It even used to say that on our license plates for a few years. “It’s That Friendly.”  That is, until we paid some ad agency a bazillion dollars to rebrand our state with “Unbridled Spirit.”  I guess I hadn’t known before that states had brands instead of just being states, but tourism is a big part of the economy now. 

I guess this gas station I’m telling you about didn’t get the memo on niceness, however.  I am from western Kentucky and when I drive down there, I stop any old place.  So one time I stopped at this gas station near the lakes and was immediately shocked at how rude the business seemed.  There was a sign on the pumps about not parking there if you weren’t getting gas.  Okay.

Then there was a sign on the newspaper stand that read, “Don’t sit here and read these newspapers and not pay for them!!!”

At the drink cooler, there was a sign that read, “Don’t stand here in front of the drinks unless you’re going to buy one.”  And so it went.  There was very little a person was actually free to do there, as though we were in a little Communist outpost in western Kentucky.  Signs warned customers “Men, don’t get caught using the women’s bathroom” and “No, we will not cash your payroll check, so don’t ask,” and on and on.

Yet, customers were still swarming to this place.  Then I ordered a sandwich and I took a bite and knew why.  That was some good barbeque. 


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