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Car sales


We just returned from a visit to central Fl. We drove there in our little car, up and down interstate 75. As we travelled, our four year old son would exclaim “look at all those balloons, can we go there”?! The place that he repeatedly wanted to visit… a car lot. Which got me to thinking – do balloons really increase car sales exponentially? Has there been some marketing research that shows that balloons floating above a car increases sales? Who is their target market? Does this happen to everyone with a kid under 8? Lured into the lot, little Tommy or Sally begs for the orange balloon and you walk away with the Ford Fiesta and a balloon tied to the kid’s wrist?


2 thoughts on “Car sales

  1. Susan,

    You’re crazy. A fiesta is a party and the balloons mean party to a little kid. Party car=balloons. See?

  2. You are so smart Jodie. Of course you are right. Did you do the research showing balloons increase car sales?

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