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Casseroles: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

I must make awesome casseroles because my daughter’s friend is always talking about, hinting around about, this one I make with potatoes, rice, meat, carrots, and peas, etc.  Everybody here hates casseroles except me and they make gagging faces whenever that casserole is mentioned, so it’s not really clear if I make wonderful casseroles or gag-inducing casseroles, actually.  I pretty much have to hide my casseroles when that kid comes over because he has been known to eat half of it, then try to come back for more if you let him, barely saving any casserole for anybody else, that is, the people who don’t want to eat it anyway, but also don’t want to go hungry.  If everybody were like this kid, I could get rich quick by selling pans of casserole and give up my dreams of blogging my way to fame and fortune, but I suspect most people aren’t that enamored of casseroles and tend toward the gag-induced view of them, but I’m not sure.  If I had one wish this new year, it would be that all people would have all the casseroles they need to sustain a healthy life, but not enough to make anyone want to overindulge and that includes me.  Because just a little bit of French Fried Onions go a long way.


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Grouchy Tiger

Yesterday my daughter was telling me about this movie that I thought she called “Grouchy Tiger.”  So when I realized what she was talking about, I tried to think of what the second part could be and some new names for the movie. 

Grouchy Tiger, Spitting Dragon:  Two Kids I Know

Bouncy Tiger, Forbidden Dragon:  The Winnie-The-Pooh Gang Goes Loco in Chinatown

Flouncy Tiger, I Forgot Where I Put The Dragon

The Tiger Whose Back Hurts From Hunching Over Too Long and His Decrepit Dragon Friend: The Over Forty Movie





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Waiting for Others to Wake Up

I want to go to the store where everything costs $1, but no one here will wake up in time since it closes at 1 p.m.  It’s not like I got up so early, but neither am I sleeping until after lunch time or time to get off work and go home and make dinner.  Not that I believe in that old agricultural type of work ethic since nobody around here is growing any crops.  I am vacillating here, obviously.  I can’t decide if I am one of the new or old type of people.  Anyway, I will sit here and wait for these people to wake up so we can go only so much longer, then I will ditch them and find all those fabulous $1 deals by myself.

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As my family recovers from its holiday binge, sitting around basically in a stupor until very late every evening, watching TV, I’ve decided that Christmas is too much trouble, really just too much work, and has lingering, deleterious effects, so next year, I’d like to declare that instead of that holiday, we will have Oktoberfest II in December.  Obviously, I don’t like beer, so we can de-emphasize that part, but if everyone can start gathering authentic costume pieces, blue and white decorations, and scheduling someone to sing the Chicken Dance and Edelweiss, that’d be great.  I don’t like the presents or the disappointed looks from getting the wrong ones, the overdone Christmas songs, all the holiday foods.  Just give me some (organic) sausages, sauerkraut, and a Proust.

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More Cookies for Jodie

Hi Jodie, and Fellow blog readers (all 6 of you – who we love and appreciate so much!)
Those cookies were for you Jodie, yes. Just like the bag of Fair trade coffee and chocolate that you gave to me. I had to drink a lot of coffee yesterday to make sure I did not have to share it with anyone else (insert admin’s name here). And the chocolate too. The combination of both has caused me to become crazed with caffeine, and I am not sure when – or even if I will ever sleep again. But as you and I both know, you can’t just leave stuff like that sitting around the house for present snatchers to gobble up!
Next year I will give you a lot more Russian tea cakes, and I will give those gingery cookies to your family in their own oatmeal container. That way there won’t be any confusion about who eats what cookies. By the way, I was in the Walgreens today and I picked up some really nice things for you (for next year!) Some things might be a little dated (like the “Christmas 2012” Snoopy ornament I got for you) but I am pretty sure you will enjoy them just the same.