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WD’s Special Name

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My husband has decided to start calling himself Will.  I can sort of understand because people do all crazy things to his name because it is “foreign.”  One of my dad’s friends, David, was intrigued by the second half of his first name and kept asking him it what it was for, as in, “what’s the du for?”  We weren’t sure what he was even talking about for a long time until we realized that David thought du was a middle name or something because everybody knows if you have an Asian sounding name, then it will be spread out into little word particles and can’t contain more than one syllable.    WD started asking him what the vid was for, but David didn’t catch on to what he was saying.

Will is a capitulation.  Will is not a Tibetan name.   In my view, he will be surrendering his identity to go by an Anglo name, a last little snuffing out of his culture and a connection to his roots.  He doesn’t give a rip.  He’s tired of people mangling his name whenever he’ s on a business call and has to spell it every single time and then they still can’t get it.

So I told him, if he starts going by Will, then I am going to start telling people my name is Jodie, but I go by Tashi.  As a business name.

Then he said first I would have to have a business or at least some kind of a job.

Whatever.  I can use it when I go the doctor’s office or something.


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