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My Lone Star Experience a.k.a Why Camping Is a Bad Idea

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Susan called me yesterday and reminded me of the time our families went camping and she convinced me to go down “this scenic little trail” near the campsite.  That was right before we left, and, well,  I came home with some scenic little bugs crawling all over my legs after that.  Then, about a week later, I got a scenic little rash all over my legs that I had to scratch until it bled.  To be fair, she got it, too, and a double dose because she went twice.

The doctors I went to weren’t much help, even just in diagnosing it, but Susan called an expert who said he was 100% sure we had encountered the Lone Star tick, which I didn’t even know existed before that.  She was reminding me of all these good time memories because she heard that the Lone Star tick bite is associated with meat allergy.  We didn’t get that, though.  It makes me wish there was a bug that would make me get a potato chip allergy.


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