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Ok, Santa it is

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There were few things I was certain about before having kids, but one thing I knew – they would never believe in Santa. My girls were taught that Saint Nicholas lived a long time ago and gave gifts to the children in his town, blah blah blah and it is fun to PRETEND about Santa. Both girls soberly bought this story hook line and sinker. My youngest daughter glomming onto the fact that this semi fictitious character was dead. Try to talk to the kid about Santa, and her response was “he’s dead”.
Fast forward 7 years. The girls are big, and we have our little four year old son who LOVES Santa. I mean he loves him. Last year I started the same nonsense with the whole pretend thing. It was like I was speaking to him in Russian. My words fell on deaf ears. He didn’t argue or rebuttal or get upset – he just simply didn’t receive the information.
So now the only gifts that are under our tree are gifts for Santa. Santa has a scroll and a candy cane ornament. Our little son has written him letters and talks about Santa like he is an extended family member. He wants to get Santa a video camera for Christmas and leave it under the tree for him too. He is worried about what we are going to get Mrs Clause. He is not concerned about the gifts that Santa will be leaving for him, but is very excited about what the LETTER Santa will be leaving him will say.
So Santa it is. And the psychological experiment that are my children continues.

One thought on “Ok, Santa it is

  1. This is too much fun!!! I hope Santa leaves him the best letter.

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