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Jodie’s Christmas shopping!


I just read Jodie’s post about the gifts she’s not getting me for Christmas this year. But guess what! A couple of hours later, who should happen to call but Jodie herself. And guess what she was talking about. That’s right – Christmas gifts. Real live Christmas presents that she is planning on buying and/or making for some of our friends. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprises here, but at least a couple of these gifts will be coming from: The Dollar Tree, The Dollar General, The Family Dollar or The Dollar Store. She told me which one, I just can’t remember what she said now. But boy howdy – Jodie has found some real gems for her gift giving this year! I can’t wait to see what she has found for me. If it’s anywhere close to being as nice as the things she was telling me about on the phone tonight, I can count my lucky stars – or illuminated crystal angels that sing. Maybe this will be the year I actually receive some of this pure beauty!


12 thoughts on “Jodie’s Christmas shopping!

  1. No, didn’t you read my end-of-the-world post? There’s just no point. Even for a dollar.

  2. I am Susan’s childhood friend and now follow your blog…you girles are having way too much fun,,,,keep the giggles coming, I’m enjoying you immensely (sp)? Anyway, Merry Christmas and keep having fun. You are making My Christmas “down to earth” and it’s so good to know some folks don’t go for the glitz and glitter of “stuff”. Edna’s friend, Kay

  3. OOPS…I meant I am Susan’s “Mother’s” childhood friend, see getting old is not for the faint of heart. Kay

  4. Kay,
    I just want to clarify. I do go for the glitz and glitter of stuff–I just can’t afford it. I am like a crow who likes shiny objects–the more sequins, the more I want it. Thanks for commenting on our blog!

    • Jodie,
      If you need some rather old and ratty glitz and glitter, check with Susan. I unloaded all my (at the time about 35 years worth) unused Christmas decorations on her when she moved into her duplex in Hardinsburg, however, she may have sold most of them at one of her yard sales for .05, in fact, I fear that this offer of glitz and glitter may have come too late. I am pretty sure she DID sell all my accumulated treasures for .05. I still love her but the hurt may never fully leave me. Good luck with the non-shopping……it can be exhausting.

      • I can’t believe she did that! We could have gotten rich by opening a vintage store and marking things up 5000%. So, how much would that make something that was .05 cents?

  5. Math was never my strong suit, but I think you might have made as much as $1.98. It is still hard for me to talk about the selling of a lifelong collection of classic ornamentation for a pitance, but what can I say? Sentimentality must have skipped a generation or something.

  6. No! I still have the good stuff. Stored away for the next generation. That’s why you don’t see it out on display. It’s just too nice!
    Plus, I gave you a cat. How much more sentimental can one get?

    • Somehow, the word “sentimental” just doesn’t come to mind when I think of your most generous gift of the “devil cat” and even though he has mellowed somewhat with age, he still has his moments. It is during those moments that Jodie’s phrase, “swinging a dead cat” DOES come to mind! And I am glad that not all of my treasure trove of “pure beauty” escaped being sold to the highest bidder….which as I recall was right at .05.

  7. I have a really delightful and loving cat that is looking for a new home. Edna, I need to run down to Florida for “a few days.” Are you busy?

    • Thanks, Jodie, but our quota of donation cats is full up at the moment….however if we have an opening, I will definitely keep you in mind. 🙂

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