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My Obligatory End-of-the-World Post: Goodbye, World!


Well, I thought I was all set for the end of the world in a few days because somebody wrote a book that said our town was so “holy and Godly” that we’d survive (Ha-ha, Mayans!), but, unfortunately I have to go pick someone up at the airport in another town on December 21, so I don’t know how safe I am now.  I notice the airline “is prepared” by charging the exact same fare even though there won’t be a round-trip.

Apparently, we aren’t in the only town set to make it after the big end.

But, I don’t think the residents of Bugarach read that same book about our Kentucky town making it because they seem to be capitalizing on their status.  We should have done more around here because I would definitely rent out spots in my yard for 350 euros a night.

Does all this end of the world stuff seem like a distraction from our real problems to you?  You pretty much can’t swing a dead cat without hitting yet another apocalypse movie.  What if the world ending thing just means everyone has to go back to raising their own food like almost everyone used to have to do?  I guess a whimper at the end of the world isn’t as exciting as a bang would be.


2 thoughts on “My Obligatory End-of-the-World Post: Goodbye, World!

  1. I can NEVER get enough of ‘swinging a dead cat’.

  2. Isellelle,

    Please start stocking up on them then because with the world ending soon they may be in short supply. I am ready to give these types of helpful hints at any time.

    Your friend-at-the-end,

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