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My First Job

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When I was sixteen I got my first job as a hostess at a Chinese restaurant. All I had do was seat people and tell the waitresses they had customers.  How do I say this?  I was not good at it. 

On a Friday night, the customers would start coming in faster and faster and I would seat them and run to a waitress and tell her, “You’ve got three.”  That was easy enough, but when the tables and booths were full, the waitresses would be confused because they couldn’t find which ones were their tables.  Well, was that my fault?  I didn’t know which ones were which, either.  I just sat people down and immediately forgot about them.  To be fair to me, no one said I needed to remember once I told the waitress.  So, the job of telling people where to sit and giving them menus was actually too difficult for me.  After a while, I quit because I got a job at a fast-food fish restaurant and that went much, much better until I fell down because of the grease all over the floor.

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