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Kentucky Scores Well on the Sin Map


I knew for a long time that Kentucky was a really wonderful place, practically the best state there is, and now there is a map that proves it.

You may notice that Kentucky is practically saintly on every score or at least sort of neutral.  I guess this is why we’ll survive the end of the world.  I have some nice spots in my yard that I can rent out for about 350 euros for the end of the world in a few days, if any one is interested.  But, you’ll have to give up vice…

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Scores Well on the Sin Map

  1. You best not move Jodie. Doesn’t look like there are enough fast food restaurants out west. Plus you want to live where it’s saintly, not just sin neutral.

  2. I am not moving, just going on vacation for a long time.

  3. That’s funny, when I first read this I thought we scored “well” in that we were big sinners. Bourbon, horse racing and tobacco don’t count I guess, maybe we’re just a vice state.

  4. I guess we export those things, but we keep the virtue at home. I personally do not know of any sin that has ever happened on KY soil. Although, a few people from western Kentucky go over to the gambling boat in Metropolis, IL. So I don’t know if that counts. Kentucky is practically angelic which is why we are going to survive the end of the world.

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