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something squirrely’s going on


This morning I went for a walk and saw about ten squirrels. Keep in mind, I only walk three miles down our county road, not through a squirrel refuge. On a typical morning I might see 0-2 squirrels. These squirrels were scurrying around, zipping back and forth and acting, well – like squirrels. Their sheer numbers and their antsy erratic behavior has left me uneasy and wondering if they know something I don’t.


3 thoughts on “something squirrely’s going on

  1. Well, I am sure that someone will suggest that the squirrels are tuned into the whole “Mayan end of the world is at hand” scenario, but I would suggest a more carnal reason~tis mating season for the Eastern Gray Squirrel. They have two mating seasons a year~Dec. and Jan. and June and July~so, my explanation is that they were charged up on pheromones. Now isn’t that more fun than the other possibility….”when in fear, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!”?

  2. Good point. I am glad you made this point. It just seems like the wrong time of year for mating season, doesn’t it?

  3. Not if you are a squirrel……….

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