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Sympathy for the Weak of Nose


Yesterday I had a cold and my nose was dripping like a leaky faucet.  At an appointment, in the grocery store, bike riding, and during yoga-just regular activities you wouldn’t think twice about when your nose is normal.  Unfortunately, I left a trail everywhere I went because I couldn’t stop it every few seconds.  The worst was when I was washing dishes.  It is hard to grab a tissue when your hands are submerged in water.

I once worked at a grocery store and this old guy came in with his nose dripping everywhere all the time.  I hated to see him come to my line because his nose dripped on the conveyor belt, the food, and the money, which I would have to touch.  I didn’t know why he didn’t just wipe it.  Now I understand.  I am that person.


2 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Weak of Nose

  1. Now is the time for your next entrepreneurial endeavor~Pampers for the nose. Not just the usual wadded up snippet of tissue stuck up the nostril, no, something stylish that can go anywhere, with any outfit. Just think, if blogging doesn’t make you rich and famous, this could be just the ticket. I will only expect the normal percentage of profits given in such matters. You are welcome. 🙂

  2. I like the way you think…

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