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My Christmas Parsimonious Tree


Well, I determined I would write this post about my naturally stingy ways, especially at Christmas. So I looked up parsimony, which is not just being a cheapskate, but can also mean a type of “tree” used to explain the least evolutionary change (Thanks, Wikipedia!).  That works in perfectly because I come from a long evolutionary line of naturally cheapskate people.  I planned to tell you about my great uncle who nearly starved and froze himself in his basement because he didn’t want to waste money and how I am very much like him in some ways and I am sure it all relates to Christmas, phylogenetics (as soon as I figure out what that is), and my personal family history.  Because it all seems related to me.  Or maybe not.

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Parsimonious Tree

  1. I love spending money I don’t have. I’m more advanced.

  2. I did that last year actually. I just ran a bill right up! However, I don’t know how that will affect your evolutionary tree, J. Marcos. My great uncle wasn’t a real happy guy, though. You are a much happier person. I hope this consoles you when you get the bill.

  3. Oh Parsimonious Tree, Oh Parsimonious Tree, how stingy are your family branches…

  4. The most beautifully accurate song I’ve ever heard. Maybe I will cry a little.

  5. I think I recall another special Christmas song you like… it goes to the tune of ‘Ring Christmas Bells’.

  6. I thought you were going to say “the Virgin Mary and Christ were there and Christ were there…” Good times.

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