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Reliving My Romantic English Past


After a day of blowing wind and rain, I woke up to a snowy, cold day here in Kentucky, the first one this year.  I actually woke up to a phone call from my person who missed their flight right when I was dreaming that I was becoming a responsible older sister even though I don’t have a sister at all.  I was in high school, but I’d read all the classics so I didn’t need to read them again.  I am forty years old, so I am way ahead of high school students in terms of reading the classics, I think.  Well, at least I was in the dream.  Although I have never read the Odyssey and The Iliad, so maybe I am way behind, come to think of it, but they were just reading Jane Eyre or something so I had totally had them whipped because I’ve read that plenty of times.

There was a time when I was pretty much living in England in my mind, consuming a steady diet of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy.  You might think that would be hard, living in western Kentucky, but its easy to pretend to come from the simple, hardy folk of the soil (since that is actually accurate), but a little difficult for period accuracy with the trailers and the old huge satellite dishes that look like they’re searching for alien life instead of TV channels dotting the landscape.  One walk in the woods (avoiding old couches and the sound of baying coon dogs) and I was Tess of the D’ubervilles.


4 thoughts on “Reliving My Romantic English Past

  1. Living in my Romantic English Past has ruined my adult life a little bit. I have some some very noble romantic ideals that have been just plain hard to come by in Kentucky. Though, all of my ideals come directly from PBS series, so they are not quite as elegant as a working knowledge of the classics. Nevertheless, I don’t hold anything against my Romantic English Past for establishing these hard to satisfy standards. In January I like to boldly raise my face to the winds, square my shoulders with courage and watch them again and again and again!

  2. All I can say is that I love this post and dear Isellelle’s comments so much! I am with both of you. Jodie, mostly because I always dream of being back in high school, although usually I haven’t read what I am supposed to. Or I can’t find my locker, or my class, or my clothes!
    Isellelle, because although I love me some Jane Austin and Bronte gals, PBS is hands down the best place to relive, and set our standards for Romantic English life. And come January, I will be squaring my shoulders right along yours to watch again and again!

  3. Yeah, it’s just a couple of weeks ’til the new season! Yay, Masterpiece Theatre!

  4. Come to think if it, Susan is the one who got us all started on Masterpiece Theatre, too!

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