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Shopping, Which I Hate

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I survived my shopping trip yesterday; thank you for asking, but just barely.  Every time I was ready to go home I’d remember some other necessary stuff like a Christmas tree or something else major that I forgot and it took hours!  Fortunately, I waited so late I got my tree for $6.25.  Susan and I both like prices that are from the 1950’s or even better, the 1920’s and 30’s and since we can get a lot of the things we want at a place where the most expensive thing is $1, it tends to distort our ideas about how much something should cost.  The only problem is that kids want things that cost $200 or more.  And the more expensive the item, the smaller it is usually.

Shopping is stupid and tiring, but people in Kentucky are polite generally and say sorry for any little thing, so it’s not as atrocious as it might be.  Plus, you have to have food.  Since I can only grow Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes (and it’s winter), I am always having to go to the store.

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