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More Cookies for Jodie

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Hi Jodie, and Fellow blog readers (all 6 of you – who we love and appreciate so much!)
Those cookies were for you Jodie, yes. Just like the bag of Fair trade coffee and chocolate that you gave to me. I had to drink a lot of coffee yesterday to make sure I did not have to share it with anyone else (insert admin’s name here). And the chocolate too. The combination of both has caused me to become crazed with caffeine, and I am not sure when – or even if I will ever sleep again. But as you and I both know, you can’t just leave stuff like that sitting around the house for present snatchers to gobble up!
Next year I will give you a lot more Russian tea cakes, and I will give those gingery cookies to your family in their own oatmeal container. That way there won’t be any confusion about who eats what cookies. By the way, I was in the Walgreens today and I picked up some really nice things for you (for next year!) Some things might be a little dated (like the “Christmas 2012” Snoopy ornament I got for you) but I am pretty sure you will enjoy them just the same.


One thought on “More Cookies for Jodie

  1. Now that is why we’re friends!

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