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I Wasn’t The Only One Crying

I was sort of embarrassed to be crying about a TV show as I posted earlier this week, but just look at this email from Susan.

Hi Jodie,

Would you care to stick around and go for a slow stroll this morning.  Around 10? No pressure. I am pretty tore up about Sybil still, so I might not be very good company.
Then a few other friends told me they were crying, too.  So, then, based on the fact that other people cried, I thought I was right in line with my own crying and I’m starting to feel pretty fine about it.  I’m afraid if everyone else wanted to stone someone to death, I’d take a look around, see what they were doing to adjust my own emotions, then pick up a rock.  As long as I’m part of the group, I’m ok.

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Vegetable Conspiracies

Yesterday as my friend Laura and I were indulging in some vegetable juice, she told me that she looked up on Snopes to see if the whole thing about carrots making your eyes stronger was true or not after she’d gotten into a discussion with someone about it.  She said it was a plan to disguise the invention of radar and how it accurate it was from the Germans by saying that the pilots could see so well because of eating so many carrots and that there were signs up everywhere, a whole campaign really to fool the public.  I certainly grew up hearing that carrots were great for your eyes.  This got me thinking about the government’s 5-a-day vegetable thing.  I don’t mean to be a conspiracy theorist here, but just what are they up to now?


TV Made Me Cry

I am a dramatic and emotional person and a certain popular PBS show had a dramatic twist this Sunday, so I just sat there and cried.  I guess since the time whoever it was popped out of the Greek chorus and started the whole idea of theatre, the brilliant idea of making the audience have a cathartic experience was right on because that’s what I had.  My mom used to cry at commercials and Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid.  She could go into catharsis over “the look…the feel…of cotton…the fabric of our lives” or something.  I didn’t get it then, maybe because I was too little to understand the emotional appeal. 

This PBS show is wildly popular and supposed to be “quality programming,” so I’m just one of millions.  So I shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  I should just accept my identification with a scripted television show and move on.  Whispers of “soap opera” are in the air, but I just ignore them.  Honestly, I wait and wait for it to come on Sundays, sucked back in each week.  Basically, I have become my mom.


I Might Need to Become the Morality Police

After watching that 80’s movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun this weekend, I was struck by how much the times have actually changed.  Not that it wasn’t there in the 80’s and before, but it’s clear that the sexualization of girls in the media has gotten worse and worse over the years.  But we’re like the proverbial frogs in a pot of water set to boil–we don’t realize it’s changing because we’re right in it.  I have even read that girls who watch TV are more likely to get pregnant and to feel bad about themselves because of the behaviors they see represented on the screen by their supposed “peers.”

Susan and I have often considered a lot of different jobs for ourselves, but there’s one we keep coming back to.  Censors.  That’s right.  Somebody needs to clean up the media, so why not us?  We can just apply the 80’s standards to everything–you remember the halcyon days of the 80’s, those gloriously innocent and moral years of our upbringing.  Just turn back the clock a bit-that’s all I want for our girls and boys.  To get us started, we could get training in some repressive regime where there are still censors, you know, just to learn the ropes and get a feel for it.


Crazy Night for 40-year-olds

Susan and JJM came over last night and we started out our wild old evening by getting blankets and hot tea and sitting on the couches.  Then, it got even crazier around 10 p.m. and we watched the classic movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  That movie speaks to the ages, my friends.   Susan fell asleep during the big dance scene, then woke enough to go home.  After all these good times, I slept until nearly 10 a.m. and was still tired.  I am glad we don’t do all this crazy stuff all the time now because I am too old and just couldn’t stand the excitement.

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Exercise Videos

Since its been so cold here in Kentucky these past few days I have been checking out exercise videos from the library rather than walking.  The problem is I don’t want to “Go!” or to “Kick it!” or “Hurry up because we’re almost out of time!”  I should have written those quotes all in caps and with about a million exclamation points to show the enthusiasm of people on the screen, but you get the idea.  I guess I am more in the market for a “Poet’s Exercise Video” or “Let’s Be Reasonable Exercise Video”– at least ones with less yelling that don’t proudly point out their pools of sweat.   How about a western Kentucky exercise video that says, “Get you a chaw and a cup of coffee and let’s start walking to the hospital ’cause that’s where you’re going to end up if you don’t take this exercise seriously.”  I think that might motivate me.

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My Sustainable Actions

I saw in the news that McDonald’s is going to start selling sustainable seafood.  Well, I am really into sustainability on seafood personally because I hate it and don’t eat it.  I can go around feeling pretty superior about my sustainable “no seafood at all” stance on seafood while other people are putting all kinds of sushi in their gullets which you can buy for a pittance all over the place these days.  I am looking forward to all sorts of other potentially sustainable things happening that are no bother or effort on my part and that I can lord over other people while doing all manner of other unsustainable things.  Sort of like McDonald’s.