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France’s Tax Rates

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That Francoise Hollande is quite a guy, isn’t he?  He made Gerard Depardieu pay a 75% tax and so the actor ran away to Belgium.  I read an article where Hollande actually said “I don’t like the rich.”  You can’t say that in America because we are all on the cusp of making it big time-for example, just view this blog I am making.

We are all about to get rich from our websites and all, so we want to keep the tax rate low for when the cash starts rolling in and we all get our own reality TV show about ourselves, then we’ll start our own line of purses and perfume.  I wonder what would happen here if the super-rich had to pay a 75% rate.  They might croak just from the shock.  Except for Warren Buffet, who has been asking for higher taxes.


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