Fried Chicken & Lentils

Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan


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My kid just came in here and said she was going to start calling me “Bloggie” and was going to comment on this blog with things along the line of “Great post, Jodie!  Next time you’re at Kroger, can you pick up some Snap Pea Crisps, almond milk, and veggie burgers?”

I called her smarty-pants back, but actually her pants didn’t look very smart.  She has on pajama pants that are all baggy and, if the colors were right, could double as clown pants.  I don’t know where the smarty-pants concept comes from because, in general, pants don’t make anyone look any smarter (unless you forgot them entirely) because they hold the dumbest part of the body (that you sit on).


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