Fried Chicken & Lentils

Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan

Smarty-Pants Eats Me Out of House and Sanity

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You wouldn’t believe how much that smarty-pants kid can eat.  Yesterday I made some sausage and peppers and onions with mashed potatoes and cabbage for lunch.  She ate almost all of it, then asked for more food because she was still hungry.  I was basically cooking all afternoon, making dish after dish, which she ate as they came out of the oven.  I made a little cake and had to sneak some of it in to her sister so she could have some before it was all gone.  Then I made some casserole (which was met with unparalleled nonenthusiasm), soup, granola, and roasted cauliflower.  Some of this food is left, if only because I went out and bought some snacks, too.  Needless to say, I need some rest now for this afternoon, which seems like it will be a day of a lot more cooking.

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