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More Complaints? Go Back To College!


Smarty-Pants has a lot of complaints around here, but she is always framing them as “material for your blog” so I am not sure if she is right or just really complaining.  Yesterday she kept saying “I’m cold!  I’m cold!” as if 63 degrees is not warm enough for a house temperature.  I mean, sure, I do sleep in my coat every night, but that is a personal choice, and it is actually just the liner for another coat I bought at a yard sale a long time ago so it’s not that thick.  At this rate, she will be glad to go back to college where she is “warm” and there is “plenty of food” and if that’s not encouragement to go into higher education, then I don’t know what is.  I am a great mom!


4 thoughts on “More Complaints? Go Back To College!

  1. Hello…THAT is funny,,,,,,I read everyday…and YOU have a GREAT sense of humor. (friend of Edna Schmied and her daughter, Susan,,well, I’m EDNA’S friend and I get Susan just because)…:-)

  2. Well, that is the very best case I have heard for higher education in quite some time. I was starting to think it might be pointless, but after this college sounds like a good (though costly) teen shelter.

    • Although I did hear they have mice in the dorm which could lead to the Black Plague if I’m not mistaken. However, we must take some risks if we are to learn and grow.

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