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Grandma? Really?


Yesterday I went out for a walk in my neighborhood when I saw my neighbor and her little daughter.  So I caught up with them and we were having a good time chatting and walking.  Then some guy we walked by mentioned the unseasonably warm weather in a friendly way.  Then he asked if I WAS THE GRANDMA.  At first I was confused about what he was saying because I am the exact same age (40) as my neighbor.  Well, that was some friendly guy.  Yep.


4 thoughts on “Grandma? Really?

  1. I’ve thought about it some & am fairly sure that I (the neighbor enjoying yer company) was not part of the equation–he had no idea I was the mom & estimated us both unlikely to be the mama . . . & Ez was staring at u w/particular adoration (since u saved her from a boring ole walk w/her old, pregnant mama).:))

  2. I am just going to put that in my category of things not to say to people along with “Are you pregnant?” Man, I was offended!

    • I think people round here aren’t surprised to meet grandmothers in their late 30’s/early 40’s, but I hear ya!! U r all kinds of youthful–he was sorely lacking in respect & astuteness!!!

  3. Thanks, RJ! If I am a grandmother, that dude has one foot in the grave! Did you notice how he tried to cover by saying he didn’t have on his bifocals or something. I am going to tell that to people when I say something wrong all the time now. Whoops! I didn’t have on my right glasses!

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