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Could This Be Fake?

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Below is an email I got sometime recently in my spam box.  I don’t really think Mrs. Barbara Briggs is a native English speaker unless she is under so much duress, she doesn’t even care about grammar or punctuation at all anymore as she says her husband’s family “even plans to kills us.”  I don’t know exactly what sort of story would be better than this to convince me to contact them, being an orphan herself, hiding in Europe with her daughter from the awful relatives and cancer…a pretty bad situation.  If I were going to make a story up like this, I would add more details like about where I grew up or something, still, I don’t think that they did that badly all around.



I am Mrs. Barbara Briggs, i am from United states of America currently
resides in London UK with my only daughter Cynthia,sh is 16 years of age, I
am writing to ask for your help to please accept my child Cynthia in the
name of God and help me to raise her up, I grew up as an orphan and now a
widow, I have nobody to help take care of her because I was recently
diagnosed cancer and I have only 2 months to live, I don’ t want her to
suffer again because she has suffered a lot ever since the death of her
father and my illness, we have the sum of €2.000.000 Two million Euros
inside a box here in a security company which we inherited from her late
father Desmond Briggs (my husband) I am willing to transfer this box of
money to you while you help my daughter Cynthia to come over to your
country to continue her education, and take care of her needs until she
grow up and be able to take care of herself, she is a lovely child and I
don’t want her to suffer, my husband people abandoned us and confiscated
all my husband properties in the states and even planned to kills us due to
their greed, we are hiding here in the UK and I don’t want anything to
happen to my beloved child, please help me accept her as your own child and
give her the best in life, please do that and God will bless you and your
family, We are willing to offer you the 10% of the total money I told you
about if you help me to accept my child and train her for me. Like I said
before, I have only two months to live due to this cancer illness.

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