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Their house is still better

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Last weekend my oldest daughter spent the night with her best friend. For about the last seven years I have been compared to this friend’s mother, who for the sake of the blog we’ll call “Joanie”. And I have fallen short in every way possible. You can go over to Joanie’s house and get as much of the best food you want. Joanie is way cooler, way nicer, way funnier, a way better cook, and just all around way better. You want the best fried chicken – go to Joanie’s house. A casserole – Joanie will make you one, and it will be the best casserole you ever ate. Want more – sure, there’s always plenty of good food and good times at Joanie’s house.
Well, the honeymoon ended last weekend. When my daughter finally got home (after about 24 hours at Joanie’s house) I asked how things went. Her response was something like this “well… Joanie really didn’t cook anything! I mean she made us breakfast, but there wasn’t a casserole or anything, just ordered pizza, and then she told me I had to go to bed. She was pretty mad at me. You know, you and Joanie are more alike than I thought I guess.”
“Ha! Good! So I am not that bad after all! ” I said.
“Oh no, It is still way better over there – she let us watch the Office all night, as long as we were quiet.”
And Joanie wins again…


One thought on “Their house is still better

  1. That Joanie is really irresponsible, it sounds like to me. Best to keep kids away from her.

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