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Watch It, Robin Hood

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Yesterday I heard a radio story about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his poor people’s campaign.  He was planning to take a lot of poor people to the national mall, but he was killed first.  The campaign was carried on, but the results weren’t that great, a combination of bad weather and little attention in the media and the government.

In my opinion, today’s political climate has changed for the worse.  I’m afraid if Robin Hood were around today in America, he would get what King John had in mind for him, encouraged by people who are convinced that the real problem isn’t that a CEO can make $10,000 per hour.  No, the real problem is all those lazy welfare recipients that Robin Hood keeps slipping cash to.  He’d be considered a weirdo, a freak, someone against the “job creators,” the so-called “makers,” and be on the side of the “takers,” the lazy, good-for-nothing 47%.  So, I don’t see how well Dr. King’s poor people’s campaign would be viewed now.  And it makes me sad.


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