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Celebrities and Me

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When I was in middle school, Madonna hit the scene.  She seemed like a very rebellious grown-up to me (a girl who dedicated herself to trying to be good at all times).  Well, I saw Madonna on TV when I was at at a salad bar yesterday and it was blasting her dancing around with some other famous people I didn’t recognize who are also probably old, but look like they just got out of high school.  I don’t understand it.  How is it that Madonna looks the same as when I was a kid, but now I look old?  I can’t really account for this strange occurrence.  Today I saw a picture of David Hasselhoff and I know that guy is old, but, again, he has barely aged.

This has nothing to do with that guy who asked if I was a grandma.  Nothing.  I just want to know what sort of embalming fluid celebrities are drinking to keep them from aging.


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