Fried Chicken & Lentils

Everyday Life with Jodie and Susan

Crazy Night for 40-year-olds


Susan and JJM came over last night and we started out our wild old evening by getting blankets and hot tea and sitting on the couches.  Then, it got even crazier around 10 p.m. and we watched the classic movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  That movie speaks to the ages, my friends.   Susan fell asleep during the big dance scene, then woke enough to go home.  After all these good times, I slept until nearly 10 a.m. and was still tired.  I am glad we don’t do all this crazy stuff all the time now because I am too old and just couldn’t stand the excitement.


2 thoughts on “Crazy Night for 40-year-olds

  1. Don’t forget the eating debauchery–3 kinds of FRUIT and hummus. Really crazy.

  2. Yeah, and corn chips! Wild! You guys bring out my dark side.

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