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I Might Need to Become the Morality Police


After watching that 80’s movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun this weekend, I was struck by how much the times have actually changed.  Not that it wasn’t there in the 80’s and before, but it’s clear that the sexualization of girls in the media has gotten worse and worse over the years.  But we’re like the proverbial frogs in a pot of water set to boil–we don’t realize it’s changing because we’re right in it.  I have even read that girls who watch TV are more likely to get pregnant and to feel bad about themselves because of the behaviors they see represented on the screen by their supposed “peers.”

Susan and I have often considered a lot of different jobs for ourselves, but there’s one we keep coming back to.  Censors.  That’s right.  Somebody needs to clean up the media, so why not us?  We can just apply the 80’s standards to everything–you remember the halcyon days of the 80’s, those gloriously innocent and moral years of our upbringing.  Just turn back the clock a bit-that’s all I want for our girls and boys.  To get us started, we could get training in some repressive regime where there are still censors, you know, just to learn the ropes and get a feel for it.


4 thoughts on “I Might Need to Become the Morality Police

  1. Your ideas are great, but having lived for nearly 3/4 of a century now I know that,,,,the changes you would like to get over to the girls of our times TODAY would be tantamount to “convent” type living. I don’t KNOW the answers of HOW to do what you think is a good idea,,”censor” the media, etc., to the good of “teenage girls and up”….but I do know that unless they were raised in either a convent OR in the Mid East that it can’t be done. (that was harsh, but can’t really does kind of say it)….But, again,,,your ideas are good! I have 2 granddaughters,,,13 and 7,,,I would LOVE if they grew up with a good “image” of themselves and didn’t think they needed to ‘be this or do that” to be loved,,,but well, unless “Parents” censor…it won’t happen. 😦 Just my opinion, and we all know what that means! Ha!

  2. Kay–thanks for writing. I appreciate your opinion. I am serious about this issue, but, of course, just kidding about how to go about it. I had read that TV watching makes everyone’s self-esteem plummet except for white males (see the link below). So, what I do about it is tell advertisers when I don’t like what I see. I just write ’em a quick email. I think I’ll start doing that with other things, too. That way, the pressure isn’t just on parents to be the heavy and repressive people, but the responsibility is shared by the creators of media. We are all responsible for the images we surround ourselves with–and I am going to hold companies accountable for making healthy images of kids. Keep writing to me! Jodie

  3. My friend Kay is right about everything she said and I would just add that while you and Susan remember the ’80’s as the “good old days”, Kay and I grew up in the ’50’s when girls were not even allowed to wear jeans to school~only dresses or skirts, with just about 2 or 3 inches of leg showing between the hemline and the tops of our bobby socks. This weekend was Homecoming at a local high school and the granddaughter of a friend of mine had pictures on facebook (posted by her mother) that made me wince. I was embarrassed for everyone concerned~her dress was barely thigh length, strapless on one side and off the shoulder on the other and skin tight~so tight that it just bunched up around her body and made her look like an aqua sausage. It was AWFUL~yet grandmother, mother and wearer all seemed to think it was perfectly acceptable attire. I feel like an old fogy and hopelessly stodgy, but good taste NEVER should go out of style and sadly, in my humble opinion, good taste has flown the coop! So censor away and keep those emails flying to companies you find lacking. That should keep you busy.

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