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TV Made Me Cry


I am a dramatic and emotional person and a certain popular PBS show had a dramatic twist this Sunday, so I just sat there and cried.  I guess since the time whoever it was popped out of the Greek chorus and started the whole idea of theatre, the brilliant idea of making the audience have a cathartic experience was right on because that’s what I had.  My mom used to cry at commercials and Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid.  She could go into catharsis over “the look…the feel…of cotton…the fabric of our lives” or something.  I didn’t get it then, maybe because I was too little to understand the emotional appeal. 

This PBS show is wildly popular and supposed to be “quality programming,” so I’m just one of millions.  So I shouldn’t feel embarrassed.  I should just accept my identification with a scripted television show and move on.  Whispers of “soap opera” are in the air, but I just ignore them.  Honestly, I wait and wait for it to come on Sundays, sucked back in each week.  Basically, I have become my mom.


3 thoughts on “TV Made Me Cry

  1. I cry at Subaru commercials. The one with the daughter borrowing the car… gets me every time.

  2. What a softie! It actually won’t be long ’til this comes true…

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