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I Wasn’t The Only One Crying


I was sort of embarrassed to be crying about a TV show as I posted earlier this week, but just look at this email from Susan.

Hi Jodie,

Would you care to stick around and go for a slow stroll this morning.  Around 10? No pressure. I am pretty tore up about Sybil still, so I might not be very good company.
Then a few other friends told me they were crying, too.  So, then, based on the fact that other people cried, I thought I was right in line with my own crying and I’m starting to feel pretty fine about it.  I’m afraid if everyone else wanted to stone someone to death, I’d take a look around, see what they were doing to adjust my own emotions, then pick up a rock.  As long as I’m part of the group, I’m ok.

4 thoughts on “I Wasn’t The Only One Crying

  1. I have watched this episode twice online since watching it on TV and I cried each and every time. I WAS sort of disappointed though that the powers that be involved in the show chose to give Sybil’s death scene ten times the time that they gave to Mary and Matthew’s wedding, an event we had been waiting three seasons to see!

  2. I can’t believe the number of people who have admitted to crying at that episode! I am glad to know I am definitely in the middle of the herd on that one. I hadn’t thought about the weight of that compared to the wedding, but you’re right. I wonder why they did that. I’d love to talk about the whole show with you some time! P.S. Have you seen Downton Arby’s? That’s a good one.

  3. Downton Arby’s is a new one for me. Where would one go to find that?

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