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Clueless, Not Pregnant


A few weeks ago Susan and I went to the store where everything costs a dollar and I got a new shirt.  I was wearing it the other day and thought it looked pretty good if a little longer than usual.  I had been wearing it several hours when I noticed it had gathers on the sides down at the belly and was a little baggy in the middle.  It was a maternity shirt and I hadn’t even noticed.

5 thoughts on “Clueless, Not Pregnant

  1. YOU ARE SO HUMOROUS and can LAUGH at yourself…good for you, keep me laughing! I love it!!! Kay

  2. Thanks, Kay! That is sadly one of a whole long list of dumb stuff I’ve done.

  3. That shirt is awesome and you wear it well! I keep telling you it’s ruching or something really stylish like that. I love that shirt…

  4. I am not familiar with this ruching thing, but I trust your Pinterest knowledge. Now that our whole wardrobes are from the $1 store, we are getting to be even more “twinish.”

  5. Kay and I are so envious of your WONDERFUL shopping mecca! The few times I have had the privilege of shopping there I have found some of my favorite “go to” items of clothing. Whenever anyone compliments me on my wardrobe and asks, “Where did you find that?”, I answer, “I neat little shop in Berea.” and they are simply amazed at the quality of merchandise available in such a small town. If I lived there Lee would have to build another room onto our house just to hold all my treasures!

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