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another exciting Saturday night

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Well, last weekend Jodie posted about the exciting Sat night we had with our friend JJM. The conversation about our blood types and what foods we should and should not eat was exhausting. It is just so much to think about! By the way, Jodie and I are both A plus! (Further proof we are twins) Anyway, the conversation paired with the chamomile tea and the 80’s dance movie (which is further proof that we are all plummeting downwards quickly in our proverbial hand-baskets), caused me to have to sleep through part of the evening.
Last night we were out enjoying our Saturday evening together. This time out at a local cafe listening to Admin and his band. (whom are very good) At times the music was so loud though that Jodie and I were unable to discuss the articles she was reading in her New York magazine about religious conversion, and a popular PBS tv show. It was also hard for her to hear me asking her to taste the difference between the two BBQ sauces I had to dip my potato chips in. Needless to say, it was another exciting Sat evening spent together. I am pretty sure we will soon be headed to Vegas for one of our wild and crazy weekends. Jodie, just make sure you wait until I get back from my weekend at Loretto with the nuns.

One thought on “another exciting Saturday night

  1. That New York magazine is pretty good, honestly. I had no idea there were so many African-American Jews and there was a great article about a Republican cruise after the last election. All very interesting.

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