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My High Standards-A Pain in the Neck for Everyone Else


If you read this blog with any regularity, you are probably familiar with the extremely high standards that Susan and I maintain.  The standards are important in all areas of my life, for example, when it comes to watching movies.  My number one rule is to never watch movies that have someone holding a gun on the cover.  I just hate car chases, super cool tough guys who know what to say right before they take the bad people in for good, and shoot-outs, even if it’s supposed to be comedy, which it almost never is.  That eliminates about half of the movies out there, so you can see, the standard is already very high.  I also don’t like to watch any movies that have creepy, dead kids on the cover, or women with weird, scary eyes and blood dripping from their fangs.  Again, this cuts that half into another half or perhaps a third of that.  Of the 1/4 or 1/6 of movies left that I’m willing to watch (comedies and dramas about British ladies having epiphanies in Italy), I generally rule out those with girls in bathing suits on the cover or anything where females are sort of decorations, hanging on fully-clothed men like jewelry or perhaps a fancy car.  So, you can see, with these stringent preferences, I am down to one or two Hollywood movies per year.  You would think my family would be proud of me, but they get awfully grouchy on Friday nights when I refuse to watch whatever they can find or criticize it mercilessly until they put their hands over their ears and start singing “I’ve been working on the railroad all the livelong day” to block me out.  It’s a dirty job, but I’m glad to do it.


4 thoughts on “My High Standards-A Pain in the Neck for Everyone Else

  1. You must see “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. Your standards are exactly WHERE THEY SHOULD BE~this is just another indication of maturity and your daughters will recognize this someday, just don’t expect it anytime soon.

  2. I did watch that movie, but I didn’t love it, either, because the plot seemed so obvious. Now you might feel like everyone else about my picky taste. I just get tired of seeing women only be portrayed as “sexy.”

  3. Well, I didn’t really see it as all the women being protrayed as sexy~though as an older woman myself I can tell you that women do not lose all their sexuality just because they have sagging bodies~I thought it mostly showed that even older people have value and can contribute to society and we don’t have to just roll over and make room for the younger generation. So I guess it might also show that you have not yet reached “old age”, which is pretty obvious. 🙂 Maybe it was really an old person’s movie after all.

  4. Sorry-I didn’t say that clearly. I thought that movie was fine and a good change from all the sexiness. I just thought it wasn’t that interesting, plot wise. You could tell who was getting together in the first 15 minutes. But I agree it is nice to see older women and men having stories and value. I meant, I get tired of seeing sexiness in general–as a theme in most media. Sorry to be confusing!

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