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Super Bowl? Eh…

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Did you happen to catch the over-the-top little binge fest known as the Super Bowl last night?  Talk about your bread and circuses.  I think the ancient Romans would have been impressed with the lavishness with which we throw our resources into sporting events instead of housing, medical care, and/or otherwise meeting basic human needs since America scores worse than many other western, industrialized countries in health, and  we have a gun murder rate 20 times any other developed country.  I mean, it’s not like we don’t have stuff to do around here.  How much did one 30-second commercial sell for?  A million dollars?  But, I guess in this country we’ve got the “bread” part down right because there’s fast food in places there are no grocery stores and the Super Bowl was pretty much sponsored by all kinds of junk food manufacturers.  I heard recently that America is on track for 100% obesity within a certain number of years.  So, again, good job on the “bread.”

Now, about the circuses.  TODD (The Other Dang Daughter) talked me into watching the halftime show, which was a mistake because all I did was scoff and criticize.  The shooting flames and fake smoke, the flashing lights, sexy dancing women throwing their hair-there was plenty to complain about, although to be honest, I’ve seen even more overdone halftime shows.  Isn’t anyone else the least bit embarrassed by the spectacle our nation puts on at times like these?

The thing is, I like my PBS drama nonsense, so I really have no room to talk.  I could be out fighting for social justice, but I just sit in my bedroom and watch TV.  I believe the ancient Romans would be just as proud of me, although a little disappointed in the lack of shooting flames and sexy dancers on the show.

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