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Spammers, Now That’s in Poor Taste

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Spammers are getting too, too bold these days.  Check out this message from my spam box.

“Greetings, I am Mrs. Asma al-Assad, first lady of Syria. The wife of Syria President Bashar al Assad I have a proposal for you if you know you can do this, contact me via my private Email box: ———————-.  So that I can furnish you with more details but if my offer is of no appeal to you, delete this message and forget I ever contacted you. I await your reply, Regards, Mrs. Asma al-Assad”

Really?  Somebody thinks I would believe the wife of the Syrian president would contact me?  And that I would be interested in corresponding with people who crack down on their citizens for trying to get more democratic freedoms and have killed maybe 60,000 people?

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