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A Few Little Fears


Things I’m scared of:

Moose, snakes, bison, hippopotamuses, electrical cords getting frayed, loud noises, driving too fast, lightning, infectious diseases, chronic diseases, climate change, civil strife, large and unhealthy trees, guns, slips and falls in old age resulting in hip fractures or falling down stairs, angry voices, robbery.

It’s not that I think any of those things are imminent (although some of them probably are imminent, but not some of the worst ones), so I don’t have to worry that much.  I mean, I don’t think a moose is going to show up outside my kitchen door and stomp me to death or anything, but I was on a bison prairie once and I realized any one single bison or moose could have taken the car, with everyone in it, out if they felt like it.   (I don’t know why they let people just wander around that prairie with all those huge, dangerous animals standing around!)  So, I feel like my fears are legitimate, given the right times and places.  I need to go meditate!


3 thoughts on “A Few Little Fears

  1. Bears? I though they were like your number one, or two, maybe only after the snakes!?

  2. Or accidentally sending a group response to a private email message? Is that a legitimate fear?

  3. You know me too well, my friend. If I temporarily forget any of my fears, you are there to help me remember! Thank you! There’s a constant reordering of the fears, however, and things slide up and down the scale, like a popularity contest in a middle school.

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